‘Diversity in Wildlife Management – Objectives & Tools’ IUGB Congress



Brussels August 2013  



Wildlife management around the world can vary widely in its objectives. In different places, the same species may be considered as a pest, as game or classified as strictly protected. This depends on any interactions it has with socioeconomic activities or endangered biodiversity, any culinary value and its historical or cultural perception.

Furthermore, to achieve the same goal for the same species, a diverse array of tools are used all over the world. Whatever the objectives, scientists use various techniques to count, track, monitor, describe and analyse species; and managers use various ways to protect, control, care for or increase the population of a species.

The aim of the IUGB 2013 Congress was to examine this variation and to search for the underlying reasons.

Many existing and new topics were reviewed giving the various tools full attention. In addition to the results of each study or experience, the congress focused on the description of these tools and highlighted the most appropriate for local conditions and objectives. In other words, it took full advantage of the existing diversity in research and management practices.


Book of abstracts

Poster Session - Belgian selection